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Nebiyat Demeke was born on December 04, 1980 in the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. I learned my elementary school at Ethiopia Andinet and attended my secondary school at Minilik secondary school and I have Diploma in Clinical Nurse from Ethio National Medical College, I have BA in Sociology and Anthropology from Rift valley University .Currently I am attending my Master’s program in social psychology and grounding on my final thesis in Addis Ababa University. I have a total of Nine years work experience in NGO taking posts such as Office Assistant, Monitoring and Evaluation Assistant, Data Encoder and Program Assistant.

In December 2016, I have founded Rohobot Nursing service seeing that home based service is hardly found in Ethiopia. This has helped me to touch lives and contribute meaningfully to people who are in need. I and my team are providing quality home-based health care service for chronic patients and old peoples at their own home. Currently, I have employed 6 full time health professionals and another team of 12 stand-by Nurses.”

Due to lack of home care services in Ethiopia, many chronic patients stay at hospital to get professional care and support which makes them to acquire new infection. When they became out patients it is the responsibility of their family, mainly women, to give them home care and support without any professional skill and knowledge. Such problem has a significant negative impact on the patients’ health and it will challenge on the family since they are forced to stay at home for treatment and sometimes they may lose their job.

As an opportunity to solve such problems easily, fresh graduate of medical college students, particularly private Colleges, have challenge of getting job. By providing a gap filling training by Rohobot nursing service skilled and professionals home care and rehabilitation service the patients get treatment in their home .The service include nursing care, emergency, re- habitation and nutrition .This has a positive impact on patients family in minimizing the burden and staying the family on their job. In addition with the provision of quality of service for patients, psychosocial and medical well-being of patients as well as their family members will be enhanced. Acquired new infections at hospitals will reduce; chronic illness patients’ gets professional care. With the same line, medical school graduates will get additional skill and employment opportunity.