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Tizzita Mengesha Tefera, holds an MSc in Social Entrepreneurship and Management from Roskilde University in Denmark. She has been engaged in the 3rd sector for as long as she can remember from working in the slums of Nairobi with Teenage mothers during my bachelor to volunteering at homeless shelters and soup kitchens in my time as a student in Copenhagen. She also worked in different local NGO’s here in Ethiopia, before She left to work full time on her start up. She also worked for UNICEF Denmark and was part of a team that created an innovation kit for the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (also known as KEA). She worked specifically on the social innovation element of the kit. She is also an academic who has done research in the field of social entrepreneurship and social innovation both in parts of Europe and Africa. Her last significant research was looking at how social tech innovation can be used to create impact in Kenya. She is also a Young African Leader Institute (YALI) Fellow, an Ashoka young emerging innovator and recently represented her organization in Silicon Valley as a Youth Champion a Rise Up and Packard Foundation Program. Finally she was part of the inaugural collective global accelerator in London, whereby she worked on different aspects of her organizations and did a demo day.

“At Maisha currently have two programs named mTena and Nisre-Tena. mTena is a SMS based mobile application that provides maternal and infant care information to pregnant women and new parents during gestation and nursing period. While Nisre-Tena is a drone blood delivery system, she overlook the technical side of mTena, and she designed and built the prototype Nisre-Tena fixed wing UAV.

Maisha is a social enterprise that works to provide social tech innovation based solutions to societal problems. Currently we work on bringing together social tech innovation and healthcare as such, we have 2 projects under this theme. The first is mTena which provides maternal and infant care information to women in Ethiopia via text. The second is NisreTena which is a drone based blood delivery system that we hope will help solve the major maternal mortality problem in rural areas, which we observed is linked to blood loss and inefficiencies in timely blood deliveries in these vulnerable areas.