About Us

Who We Are

Social Enterprise Ethiopia (SEE)  is a national body for social enterprise – business with a social or environmental mission. As a membership organization, SEE aims to build a strong social enterprise ecosystem in Ethiopia for a sustainable and inclusive economy. Members have an opportunity to connect with other social entrepreneurs, government, donors, investors, and partner organizations; access exclusive invitations and preferential rates for events; and increase visibility through the SEE directory, media platforms, and “Business for Good” logo. Social Enterprise Ethiopia also coordinates training programs, mentoring, coaching, advisory support, and other business development services. Furthermore, SEE conducts research, raises awareness, and lobbies for an enabling policy on behalf of the social enterprise movement in Ethiopia.


Strong social enterprise ecosystem for sustainable and inclusive economy.


Realize an enabling atmosphere where Social enterprises can flourish


Impact | Sustainability | Unity


  • Be part of the community of social entrepreneurs for peer learning and support
  • Preferential rates to conference and events
  • Access to engagement opportunities with our partner organizations and sector champions
  • Exclusive invitations to industry events and networking
  • Build networks between fellow social enterprises, government, donors and investors


  • Exclusive features in SEE online directory
  • Media engagement opportunity where possible
  • Shout out features on SEE digital media platforms
  • Recognition of your business for its positive contribution as a social enterprise
  • Exclusive use of “Business For Good” logo to identify as an SEE


  • Exclusive discounted training programs for you and your employees
  • Exclusive offer on business service from partner organizations
  • Customized toolkits for social enterprises
  • Special rates for office, co-working and event spaces
  • Access to 1-to-1 advisory service on business and community development
  • Mentorship and coaching on business development and expansion


  • Run effective campaigns and lobby on the sector’s behalf
  • Carry out robust and respected research to help paint a picture of the Ethiopia’s social enterprise movement
  • Raise awareness of the role that social enterprises play delivering sustainable development
  • Raise the profile of people and social enterprises in the sector