About Us

SEE is the only membership association for the SE sector and has therefore developed a client base and membership that includes a diverse range of social entrepreneurs and supportive ecosystem. SEE’s platform provides support for existing and new innovative SEs that aim to deliver social value as they grow profitably. SEE unites all stakeholders interested in pushing boundaries to create an inclusive business ecosystem that solve critical social and environmental challenges. SEE has also accomplished various activities to create an enabling environment for SEs and build our organization capacity. Considering the low level of awareness amongst the public regarding the nature of SEs and a notable skills gap in the sector, SEE, with its partner the British Council has offered different experience sharing, awareness-raising, and capacity-building platforms to its members and the public at large.

Our Enterprise

Association of Social Enterprise Ethiopia (SEE) was founded in 2018 as a national body for the social enterprise sector. SEE is a membership organization that aims to build a strong social enterprise ecosystem in Ethiopia for a sustainable and inclusive economy. We started with seven members and have now grown into 100 actively participating social enterprises (SEs) and associate membership networks. In addition to this we have acquired more than 5,000 subscribers on our various digital platforms.

SEE promotes social enterprise – business with a social or environmental mission. Members have an opportunity to connect with other social entrepreneurs, government, donors, investors, and partner organizations; access exclusive invitations and preferential rates for events; and increase visibility through the SEE directory, media platforms, and “Business for Good” logo. SEE also coordinates training programs, mentoring, coaching, advisory support, and other business development services. Furthermore, SEE conducts research, raises awareness, and lobbies for an enabling policy on behalf of the social enterprise movement in Ethiopia.

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Corporate Strategy

Our strategy for the next three years addresses the need to continuing building the SE ecosystem and ensuring our own sustainability as the only national association for the sector in Ethiopia. Our overall three-year strategy covers the following areas:

acknowledging that this is a long-term process, it remains one of the key strategies as it will have the greatest impact on the sector. We have already setup a policy taskforce to advance policy change and engage on advocacy with government.

Our Mission

SEE supports the creation of an enabling atmosphere where social enterprises can flourish. We support them by building awareness, advocating for policy change, and providing business capacity building support.

Our Vision

Our vision to create a strong social enterprise ecosystem for a sustainable and inclusive economy.