We are Changemakers!

SEE is the only membership association for the SE sector and has therefore developed a client base and membership that includes a diverse range of social entrepreneurs and supportive ecosystem.

Who We Are?

Social Enterprise Ethiopia (SEE), founded in 2018, is the national body for the social enterprise sector. A not-for-profit membership organization, it aims to build a strong and inclusive social enterprise ecosystem. It has 250+ members. SEE believes that promoting critical thinking and thought leadership will create change-making social enterprises. SEE supports the delivery of innovative and impactful solutions to address societal, environmental, and economic problems. Collectively, SEE has positively impacted the lives of 15.8 million Ethiopians. SEE offers different experience-sharing, awareness-raising, and capacity-building platforms to its members and the public. SEE’s platform provides support for existing and new innovative social enterprises that aim to deliver social value as they grow profitably. Our motto is “We Impact We Profit!”

Our Strategy

Our strategy for the next three years addresses the need to continuing building the SE ecosystem and ensuring our own sustainability as the only national association for the sector in Ethiopia. Our overall three-year strategy covers the following areas:


Policy development

Acknowledging that this is a long-term process, it remains one of the key strategies as it will have the greatest impact on the sector. We have already setup a policy taskforce to advance policy change and engage on advocacy with government.


Impact measurement

Once more recognizing that impact measurement is a major challenge, we will capacitate the sector and government by providing the skills to identify and measure impact through arming them with various impact measurement tools.


Financial sustainability

To ensure that the association’s long-term sustainability we rely heavily on our financial viability, hence we will utilise our existing skills to diversity our income. including providing consulting services to support entrepreneurship development.

What We Do

  • Connect
  • Promote
  • Empower
  • Advocate

Upcoming Events

MeetUp Addis

Awareness Raising

Policy Advocacy

Our Mission

SEE supports the creation of an enabling atmosphere where social enterprises can flourish. We support them by building awareness, advocating for policy change, and providing business capacity-building support.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a strong social enterprise ecosystem for a sustainable and inclusive economy.


We believe in human potential to challenge constraints and rise up to live a life of purpose

We believe in promoting critical thinking and thought leadership so that we create change-making social enterprises

We believe in the delivery of innovative and impactful solutions to address societal, environmental & economic problems

We believe in creating an inclusive economy

Development Partners

“We thank our Development Partners for Supporting The Growth Of Social Enterprise in Ethiopia and our member’s activities in Ethiopia.”

Implementing Partners

Our Team

Kibret Abebe

Kibret Abebe


Bruktawit Tigabu

Bruktawit Tigabu

Board Chairperson

Ayatam Simeneh

Ayatam Simeneh

Vice President

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