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More than 9 years of consulting experience in household water treatment enabled us to develop a water filter that meets the communities’ expectations. It is wanted – not only because it gives people clean water but also because it is designed as a desirable object of prestige.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

With a filtration effectiveness of 99.9% of E. coli bacteria and a water flow rate of 2 L/hour, the Minch filter is the only locally produced water filter that meets the WHO-declared requirements. Additionally, we’re currently working on equipping the filter with a fluoride-removal capacity for water sourced in the Ethiopian Rift Valley.

Applicability to local conditions

With a filter cartridge weighting only 6 kg, an internal safe water storage of 12 litres that prevents purified water from external re-pollution, a life expectancy of multiple years due to a rust-free and durable aluminium container as well as the proven high acceptance among various Ethiopian communities, the Minch filter is the perfect fit for Ethiopian households.


Inland production, the solely utilization of locally sourced material and its simple construction make the Minch filter the cheapest durable filter on the Ethiopian market.

Easy to use

Cleaning the filter is easy and possible without further knowledge and skills. Due to the strong material, the risk of damaging or degrading the media is very small. However, a cartridge replacement is recommended every 2 years.

Innovative business model

We do not give our filters away for free. Having customers pay a price increases ownership. Additionally, we are engaging local communities into becoming sales people and enabling them to earn an income from selling filters on commission. By doing so, in addition to the health benefits our filters also have a positive impact on the livelihoods of the rural poor.

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